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San Francisco, CA


Our Stories. Our Journal.

Reporting to you from the City, the Mountains, and places Near and Far.

You might be asking: What is The Ronda Reporter? Well, the story goes like this...

We're Jen and Matt Ronda. Over 10 years ago, we started writing an annual family and friend Christmas newsletter aptly named The Ronda Reporter. The first few issues caused a sensation and the critically-acclaimed newsletter now has a readership distribution of over 80 households. 

That newsletter was the inspiration for this website where we capture our adventures, experiences, and life commentary (which you may, or may not, find interesting). This way, our annual newsletter recipients don't have to wait to receive their next issue by mail to see what we've been up to (ahem, Mom and Dad...). Which brings us back to why we created this website. 

In other words, this is our personal website. Our stories. Our journal. 

Thanks for visiting! Happy reading!