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San Francisco, CA


Five Lakes Hike, Alpine Meadows, Lake Tahoe

Jennifer Ronda

This is a great half-day hike to take if you're ever in the Lake Tahoe area. It's about 5 miles round-trip, dog-friendly, and you get beautiful views of the Alpine Meadows valley and ski resort and the Granite Wilderness area, and you even hike next to some (not in use) ski-lift towers. 

Bear (our dog) and I had fun exploring the area to see if we could find all 5 lakes; we found 4. And yes, Bear had to swim in all of them.

It's a pretty mellow hike, with about 900 ft. elevation gain.  

Follow Bear as he leads the way on this hike. 
(Hike from August 13, 2013. GoPro images shot at 10 second intervals.)